Established in 1993 by decision of the Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church in Bulgaria Caritas Bulgaria is a federation of independent diocesan Catholic organizations. As a structure of the Catholic Church, Caritas places in the core of its focus people from the “global periphery” who live in poverty and suffering and who need care and support so that they can have a life of dignity. As a result, Caritas Bulgaria supports its member organizations in carrying out social activities through their local structures.

Caritas Bulgaria is registered as a non-profit organization for public benefit activities and along with 162 organizations it is a member of the global family of Caritas Internationalis, a Catholic Church confederation of charitable organizations.

Caritas Bulgaria finds support in the Gospel and the Catholic Church social teaching and follows the principles of:

  • Inviolability of human dignity, regardless of racial, ethnic, religious, gender and political affiliation;
  • Solidarity whereby personal interest subsides to the community interest;
  • Involving those in need into social activities and encouraging them to take responsibility to help themselves;
  • Reconciliation and dialogue are the best means of resolving conflicts.

In order to build a fairer society, Caritas Bulgaria:

  • Assists members in need through its organizations and their local structures;
  • Provides information to its member organizations for more effective social activity;
  • Encourages dialogue, cooperation, coordination and exchange of experience between its member organizations;
  • Supports its member organizations in building their capacity;
  • Represents its member organizations and protects their interests at national and international level;
  • Collaborates with other related organizations with a focus on ecumenism;
  • Lobbies to the state and external donors.