Position of Caritas Bulgaria on the retention of migrants in the border regions of Bulgaria by random people

In connection with the actions of the so-called volunteer groups detaining migrants in the border regions of Bulgaria, as a Catholic Church organization, Caritas Bulgaria considers the inhumane attitude towards the people crossing our borders unacceptable. Caritas Bulgaria believes that civil associations should not seize the functions of the State, on the contrary they should support its actions. That is why Caritas Bulgaria interacts with the Border Police in the border regions of Bulgaria and provides humanitarian assistance to the people detained in the Border Police units and the Migration Directorate centers at the Ministry of Interior.

Caritas Bulgaria believes that the cases of violent detention of migrants by random people are isolated. Therefore Caritas Bulgaria will continue its efforts to improve the process of initial adaptation and integration of migrants and people seeking and receiving international protection. Because Caritas Bulgaria believes that every person, regardless of his or her racial, national, ethnic and religious affiliation, has the right to a dignified life in the country where he lives.