Will the hope be saved?

Tatiana and her little daughter are in Bulgaria for five months now. They come here with the assistance of volunteers who walked around the occupied cities Zaporizhia, Primorsk and Berdyans’k to help people move out the country.

They waited for four days for gathering enough passengers so the bus can leave. When coming here they are accommodated in Malko Turnovo under a state program till May 31st. After the end of the assistance in front of them again appears an uncertainty about how will they manage in foreign country. They decide to move to Sofia hoping that in bigger city is going to be easier to settle down. They stay for a couple of days with Tatiana’s big daughter who studies and lives in the city. In the place there is not enough space for several people, so the mother starts looking for a place to stay.

In the beginning she does not know what to do, where to go, how to find a doctor, but while walking outside she meets compatriots who direct her to the organization Za dobroto where she gets aids and thereafter finds out about Caritas Sofia. She contacts the social workers, and they start accommodation procedure with Airbnb.org.

Tatiana says that for her this is the first most important step. She is grateful for Caritas Sofia’s support because after having where to live she can ‘’gather her thoughts and start calmly to settles down together with her daughter’’.

Tatiana adds that if she stays longer, she intends to find a job and for the girl to enter a school. As she already is taking Bulgarian language courses in Caritas Sofia language center.

‘’Hope dies last’’ says my interlocutor towards the end of the conversation. She strongly hopes that the war will soon be over, and they will be able to go back to Ukraine, to get to their own home.