We took the path of flight to seek salvation from war

I’m Tanya. I am from Ukraine, Zaporozhye. I worked there as a nurse in a kindergarten. My husband worked in agriculture, the younger daughter was studying, and the older one has been living in Bulgaria for several years. In the summer, we also sent the little daughter to her sister, for be in safety . She experienced big stress during his two-week journey and waiting at the checkpoints.

My husband and I stayed in Ukraine because we have elderly parents and wanted to be close to them. But at the end of September, the situation in our area became more complicated, the territory is currently occupied. They would force us to work on the side of Russia. This made us seek salvation. My husband and I left in our private car in the direction of Bulgaria. We traveled for six days through the Crimea.

Caritas Vitania accommodated us as soon as we arrived for one-month through their partnership with Airbnb.org. Our daughters had already contacted them and asked them for help because we had nowhere else to go. We have been accommodated for about 25 days now. Caritas employees immediately helped us find a job and now a rental apartment. Having a home and a job is of great importance to us, because only then we can start building our lives from the beginning.