I am actively looking for a job, and the child has started school

My name is Natalia . I come from an area Zaporozhye , the city of Melitopol . I was working at school . I came to Bulgaria with my two daughters – one 22 years old and the other 9 years old. We arrived on April 14, 2022. First we traveled by evacuation train from Dnieper to Chop, then from Chop to Budapest, then from Budapest to Bucharest in Ruse. The trip took about 2 days. We lived and worked in Primorsko, reg. Burgas.

I learned about Caritas Vitania from Facebook . I needed a more secure job, my little daughter from school and we decided to come to the city of Plovdiv, which happened with the help of Caritas employees. We have been accommodated through the Caritas program through Airbnb.org for 9 days and we are very satisfied. Thank you so much! Wonderful accommodation, with excellent conditions. I continue to actively look for a job, and the child has started going to school, thanks to the efforts and assistance of Caritas staff.