Fear for your life and for your children paralyzes you

My name is Olya. We came with my family from Zaporozhye region, whose territory is now temporarily occupied. Before the war, we lived very well, we worked, we traveled, everything was fine, until these anti-humans came to our native land, to our home. The occupation played a key role in our lives. How can you accept being told what to say, think, do? It is very difficult to live in an occupation when a foreigner dictates his rules, and you cannot do anything because you fear for your life and for your children.

We decided to flee. My family and I arrived in Bulgaria 2 weeks ago, we left with our own transport, we drove for exactly two weeks, because the Russian occupiers did not let ordinary people across the border. We stood at the Russian customs for exactly a week, in the rain, at a temperature of + 3 ° C. I remember this as a nightmare, and I really want them to pay for all the pain and suffering they brought to our holy, tormented land. At first we were sheltered by our relatives, thank you very much, but it is extremely difficult for 6 people to live in a one-room apartment.

I found out about Caritas Vitania by chance, from volunteers. Due to the fact that it was impossible to find housing immediately, we asked them for help. We have been staying with the Caritas program through the support of Airbnb.org for a week now and everything is perfect. We are very satisfied and like everything. We are now looking for long-term accommodation and work opportunities, which are essential for us to get back on our feet and gather the strength to heal the traumas that war has inflicted on us.