It is very important to have someone to lend you a hand

I started when I was 17 years old. First on heroin, then on amphetamines and methadone. I do not remember exactly how long ago I started visiting Caritas’ mobile office. I’m helping with treatment as well as with the various products they receive as a donation. They’ve also been directed to healing programs. Ever since I enrolled for one, I’m not taking anything, I’m clean. I stopped stealing too.

I have a child at the age of 2 years and I wonder how to feed it. I basically collect iron and paper because I do not have a job right now. At the time I was engaged in construction work. I cannot go home before I earn BGN 10 because there is nothing to feed the child.

I want to be a normal person, to work and to do something. My child and wife have everything, I do not want to deprive them of anything. Only my wife’s salary is not enough, we are in debt. It is very important to have someone lend you a hand to support you. Such people, as well as Caritas’ associates, we will never forget and will always mention them with good.