The Tutor’s Programme of „Caritas“ – good practice for successful integration

Photography: “Caritas Sofia”

The Tutor’s Programme implemented by the “St. Anna” integration centre for refugees and immigrants at „Caritas Sofia“ helps to encourage the communication of people who have obtained international protection with the local population which assists their integration into Bulgarian society. The Programme exists since 2016 as a corroborated operating practice helping the people who have obtained international protection and who live in Sofia.

When they fall in an entirely new and unknown environment, far from their home, the people who have obtained protection need somebody to help them get along with the circumstances – a friend and a partner with whom they may share the problems they worry about, to practice their Bulgarian language and to spend time in the company of a local person.

When forming the couples, their personal interests and talents are taken into account. Usually, the tutor’s couple meets at least once in a week to exchange skills and knowledge, building a lasting friendship.

The tutors pass preliminary education during which they learn more about the essence of tutoring, the effective communication, the objectives of the Programme, how to teach Bulgarian through conversation and inclusion in appropriate cultural events.

The volunteers who undertake the role of tutors are motivated people lead by the desire to do good. The people willing to lay the foundations of their new life in Bulgaria, on the other side, are motivated to know more about the culture, life routine and manners of the country in which they wish to build their new home.

The Tutor’s Programme of „Caritas“ helps these two groups of people make their dreams come true, building a bridge to their worlds, hopes and willingness to show their best, deleting the imaginary barriers of prejudice and fears.