Finding a job – one of the most important aspects of integration

Photo: Caritas Sofia

On the 31st May at the ‘St Anna’ centre for integration of refugees and migrants, Caritas Sofia organised a big job fair for the second time, that was made possible in partnership with Catro Bulgaria.

Eight employers and ninety job seekers took part in the event and the feedback from both sides was very positive. So much so, that the first contracts will be signed at the beginning of June.

The need for organising such events comes from the lack of information among employers about the potential and opportunities for hiring migrants and refugees and from the difficulties that the latter experience regarding the labour market integration in their new country. Some of the participants at the job fair went through an initial financial training where they learnt about the benefits of working with an employment contract, what the average salaries in the different sectors of the economy are and how to conduct oneself at a job interview.

Caritas Sofia will continue its mission to support asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in their integration in Bulgaria, and finding a job is one of the most important aspects of this process.