The Caritas developed Bulgarian Language programs for Refugees were approved by Ministry of Education and Science

Photography: Ivelina berova

The Caritas Bulgaria developed Bulgarian Language programs for children and adults seeking and getting international protection were approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Through these programs the children refugees will take extra classes in Bulgarian language in school and the adult refugees will have courses in Bulgarian.

Caritas Sofia’s team contributed to the improvement of the program for adults by making suggestions in the draft project of the document. Their proposals were based on their experience and practice in delivering the courses in Bulgarian for people seeking and getting international protection.

We hope that the approved programs will authorize Caritas to issue official licenses for the completion of Bulgarian language course which will support the refugees to find job more easily.

The new programs are also going to be implemented by the State Agency of Refugees which is planning to resume its courses in Bulgarian. The Children refugees will have the opportunity to have additional classes in Bulgarian in the school with a special textbook in the works.