Art Workshop with Caritas and the women refugees from “The Craft of Life Collective”

Employees of “Caritas Sofia” and the women refugees who are part of the initiative “The Craft of Life Collective” showed their skills and techniques used to create art products made out of old materials and items, during the so-called upcycling workshop (*), which was held on July 14th, 2018 in Sofia.

Those who were willing could take part in the unique workshop of “Caritas”, where he/she could become familiar with techniques of making yarn from old T-shirts, weaving the yarn by using an ordinary round loom, manufacturing eco-friendly drink coasters, pot holders, tapestries and other art products made out of old materials and items.

The event was a part of the farmer’s market at the “Roman Wall” in Sofia, during which visitors also had the opportunity to buy handmade products from the women refugees from “The Craft of Life Collective”.

The initiative of “Caritas” – “The Craft of Life Collective” – supports the integration of women seeking protection and who have received protection by creating a safe space for gatherings of women from migrant and refugee communities, where they can acquire and develop craft skills, share their knowledge and experience in this field and broaden their social circle.

* Upcycling is the process of turning unnecessary or worn out materials and products into new ones with better quality and environmental friendliness.