Caritas Burgas helped a homeless person start his life again

The mobile and stationary care for homeless people at Caritas Burgas helped a homeless person restart his life. Alexander, 37 years old, comes from a village in northern Bulgaria. The Caritas team found him near the bus station in Burgas in deplorable state. He was dirty, moneyless, homeless and desperate. He had an appointment to start work in Burgas, but it did not happen and he was out on the street.

The Caritas Burgas team took care of him and gave him the necessary support. At the mobile and stationary care center, Alexander was given the opportunity to bathe, wear clean clothes, received medical care and emotional support. And care went even further. Caritas associates got in contact with an employer willing to hire homeless people in their construction company and helped Alexander to arrange an interview. He received employment and started work.

A few months later, Alexander was already the head of a construction group in the company. He rented a room he likes and in turn tries helping other homeless people have their lives back in hands.