90 homeless, poor people in Burgas received packets of food and hot lunch from Caritas

A total of 90 homeless and poor people in Burgas received food packages from the team of the Center for Mobile and Stationary Care with Caritas Burgas. The food is provided by the Bulgarian Food Bank and is a valuable addition to the daily hot lunch that the mobile center team provides to the homeless people in town.

Apart from lunch, Caritas’ assistants help the homeless with medication, clothes, shoes, social consultancy, assistance to institutions, issuing documents. Together with the support given to the homes accommodating homeless people, Caritas has also established a fixed center where homeless people can bathe, launder their clothing and get new clothes from Caritas’ associates.

In 2016, Caritas employees of the Center for Mobile and Stationary Care for Homeless People distributed 2700 hot lunch portions, integrated professional care to 67 homeless people, 109 homeless people took the opportunity to bathe and alunder their clothes in the stationary center.