Caritas supported 367 elderly people in 14 towns and villages in Bulgaria

Mobility teams at Caritas Home Care Centres tour around homes of the elderly by helping them with a variety of complex services directly tailored to the individual – health and social – needs of each elderly person.

In 2017, nurses and social assistants at 8 Caritas Home Care Centres helped with professional health and social care to 367 elderly people in 14 towns and villages in Bulgaria, visiting them at home several times a month, weekly, and sometimes every day.

Monthly they have implemented:

  • 2,652 visits at home;
  • 5,370 medical services (medical manipulations – injections, blood draws, skin care, wounds, bandages, monitoring of vital signs and taking medications, health consultations, giving feedback on the status of the elderly to his/her GP, etc. .);
  • 4,293 care services (grooming – bathing, partial grooming, shaving, changing ureteral bag, diapers, etc., general mobility – movement; feeding assistance; changing clothes, etc.);
  • 4,800 social services (accompanying when attending a doctor and other institutions; regularly contacting the GP, buying medication, validating health books, assisting in household keeping – shopping; providing aids – crutches, walkers, etc.).

To provide long-term integrated (health and social) home care for an elderly person per month costs BGN 90 are needed. It includes: transport costs for Caritas Home Care teams to reach the elderly (a total of 11 cars in 8 of the centres), administrative costs for 8 of the Caritas Home Care Centres; nurses’ and social assistants’ wages in 8 of the centres – a total of 21 people, including 12 nurses and 9 social assistants.

In addition to professional care, Caritas’ assistants help the elderly with their polite and friendly attitude, taking away the pain, distracting them from loneliness and understanding the monotonous and difficult days of their old age. The professional care at home provided by a person who has become a friend who donates peace, comfort and security is also the strongest drive of the desire for life and the path to living a dignified old age.

Be part of our cause! Let’s help the elderly live a dignified old age.

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Thank you for helping the elderly together in their desire to live dignified old age!