Caritas is with the most vulnerable during the pandemic

Ivanka is 84 years old. She lives in Plovdiv. Alone. She underwent a severe oncology treatment some years ago. She walks with great difficulty, because of a trauma on her leg. Last year she broke her arm during a fall. As a consequence her health condition has got worse and worse and today the old lady is bedridden.

For three years Caritas Home care nurse and social worker in Plovdiv have helped Ivanka – visiting her in her home, taking care of her physical needs (having a wash, general movement, changing clothes), paying attention to her health condition, keeping in touch with her general practitioner, buying her medicines, doing her shopping, helping her with feeding.

Caritas care givers help the old lady with emotional support as well. They show her their attention and understanding of what the old lady needs the most. As she is sharing: The physical pain torments me a lot but what burdens me is loneliness. To have the wish to talk to someone but there is no one around.

Caritas care givers continue standing by Ivanka in the current pandemic situation. They visit her in her home and take care of her. They also help other elderly people. Because for bed-ridden people like Ivanka not only food is important. Care for her physical health and emotional condition are also important. Without them, the elderly people like Ivanka, who live alone, stuck in bed because of their illness, are doomed to slow and painful vegetation.

We, from Caritas, will continue standing by Ivanka and other elderly people who are in a similar situation like hers. Because WE ARE PEOPLE and because the right of dignified life is a basic right to every human being, in every stage of their life but support given from the heart with care and thought for the person by us can save a life!

We need protective equipment in order to continue helping people. We believe that when we act together, we can succeed in overcoming anything. Let us stand by the most vulnerable people today! Because WE ARE PEOPLE and because the support given from the heart can save a life!

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