BGN 10,610 were raised in support of the elderly through “Choose to Help”

Caritas’ cause in support of the elderly has raised BGN 10,610 through Raiffeisenbank’s donor initiative “Choose to Help”. This amount includes donations from the bank and its employees (BGN 10,297) and donations from external donors (BGN 313) made between November 01, 2016 and January 31, 2017.

Thanks to these resources, Caritas’s Home Care nurses and social assistants will continue to visit elderly people in need in their homes and take care that is tailored to their health and social needs. In addition to professional care, Caritas’ assistants support the elderly with their warm and friendly attitude, taking away the pain, distracting loneliness and understanding the monotonous and lonely days of their old age.

We thank Raiffeisenbank for the initiative. We also thank all the people who, through the gesture of donation, have expressed and will express their support for the elderly. Thank you for becoming part of our cause and helping together!