We believe that people must live with dignity at every stage of their lives. That is why we are launching the campaign “Because WE ARE HUMANS” in support of elderly people.

Elderly people are like children – they see with their hearts, they feel with their souls and they feel joyful about minor things. The road of life that the elderly person has passed so far is worthy of respect. The emotions which he or she has experienced are our life lesson. The personal story of the elderly person is the history of our maturity. That is why – be a part of our cause.

Let’s join together to help the elderly to live with dignity in their old age. Because WE ARE HUMANS and because the right to live with dignity is an undeniable right for every human being. Everybody, who is sympathetic to the cause, can express his or her support by:

Sending a SMS with the text DMS CARITAS to 17 777 at the price of BGN 1 for all mobile operators.

Become a permanent monthly donor with a donation of BGN 2, by a SMS with the text DMS CARITAS to 17 777 (for all mobile operators).

Donate by bank transfer, with reason for payment: Caritas Home Care, to the following bank account:


IBAN: BG71 RZBB 9155 1060 1693 15


Reason for payment: Caritas Home Care

Donate online through the donation module on our website.

Thank you that you join us to help the elderly!