A festive gift box with a cause

What a better present for those you care about than something beautiful, delicious and meaningful? We believe in the power of giving, because when we give to the people around us, we demonstrate our appreciation for them and when we give to people in need, we change someone’s life for the better. This year you can do both!

Caritas Bulgaria in collaboration with naturoffice creates a Gift Boxes Campaign with a Cause. Surprise your family, friends or corporate partners with beautifully arranged gift boxes. Аn amount of the revenues of each sold box will go towards the Cause Caritas Home Care Services that supports more than 360 elderly people in their home.

To receive a personal offer that fits your budget and preferences call naturoffice on: +359896135170 or write on info@naturoffice.com.

Be part of our campaign – make a beautiful gift with a cause and help people in need.