CARITArt – the new social enterprise of “Caritas”

On June 1st, 2018 has started the new social enterprise CARITArt at the “Blagoveshtenie” Centre, in which greeting cards with a cause will be manufactured.

The new initiative of “Caritas Sofia” is aimed at turning attention to the problems of people with disabilities, giving publicity to their abilities and talents and also aimed at restoring the “live communication” among people through the possibility to communicate by means of paper greeting cards that are sent by post.

In the social enterprise will be manufactured greeting cards for official and personal holidays as well as cards with printed pictures drawn by artists with disabilities. “We will focus on high quality materials, unique ideas and good workmanship, performed by the young people with disabilities who attend the centre as well as on their parents on the principle of group and home-based work” – says Vyara Granitska, Head of the “Blagoveshtenie” Centre.

The social enterprise at the “Blagoveshtenie” Centre is being implemented within the framework of the activity “ELBA 2: Development of the Social Economy in Southeast Europe”.