The Caritas Day: an Address of Bishop Petko Hristov, President of Caritas Bulgaria

On the Sunday after November 13th, the Day of the Blessed Martyrs: Eugene, Kamen, Pavel and Jehoshaphat, we celebrate the Caritas Day.

On this day all of us who are part of the Caritas family share our belonging to the charity organization of the Catholic Church and by various initiatives motivate people with good will to express their compassion for the suffering and to learn more about the various activities of Caritas in support of our brothers and sisters who are in need.

This year the Caritas Day will share the motto of the World Day of the Poor, announced by Pope Francis: “This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him”, and the initiatives carried out will be an expression of the appeal of the Reverend Father: „Let’s give one another a hand in order to live through the meeting of salvation which supports faith, makes merciful love active, gives hope so that we advance on the way where the Lord comes to meet us”.

Let us through our actions on the Caritas Day be a proof of a real meeting with those of our brothers and sisters who are living in suffering and poverty and let us in the spirit of solidarity and merciful care mutually strengthen our faith. Let us be unified in the hope – an expression of the love of God, who never leaves alone those who place their trust in Him.



† Petko Hristov

 Bishop of Nikopol

President of Caritas Bulgaria