Co-Designing Social Impact

The project Employ Yourself continues the implementation of the online Mentorship programme on innovation “Support to Sustainable Economic Development”. On November 24th it was held the second (out of four) planned Webinars, “Co-designing social impact”.

Through two-hour lecture, the trainer Mr. Priel Korenfeld explained how to design a new social value trough all barriers and content possibilities. He underlines the topics about design thinking and business design, and how to capture value through business models. Important examples were given. It was underlined how the participation of various actors and the involvement of communities in the joint design of social impact is the rule number one. It is crucial to provide testing products and testing the business model in various ways: how we produce it, how we deliver it and how we fund it – desired, feasible and fundable businesses can lead to success.

All these topics were developed through the following structure: 1. Good innovation, 2. Examine your model, 3. Start with what people want, 4. Prototype to progress. By the example of the business model, it is clarified how an enterprise creates, delivers, and captures value. The instruments presented in this webinar can improve the management of resources in a sustainable and innovative way.

The Webinar was attended by 33 participants from 9 countries. It was targeting young people and organisations dealing with youth, wishing to transform their methods of social intervention in o in order to improve the management of resources in a sustainable and innovative way. At the end of this series of Webinar, the all participants will receive a mini-manual / guideline with all the instruments and topics presented during the Mentorship programme on innovation.