Poverty is an Encroachment on Human Dignity

Opening the discussion on the topic of poverty today on October 17th – the International Day for Eradication of Poverty, we will not be talking about politics and statistics. We will be talking about the Person, with his/hers initial dignity, given by God, and his/hers important place in society, regardless of his/hers social status.

It is very alarming that there are large groups of suffering people who are living on the verge of survival, who have permanently fallen into the trap of poverty. Apart from not having resources, poor people also don’t have many other things that are significant for a human being – a job, home, health, family and social life.

In order to stop this injustice, we have to apply adequate care and support to the needy people. Because we believe that we have to lend a helping hand to children, women and men, the elderly and the sick, to all those living in suffering and poverty, so that they can feel the peace, security and faith which they need in order to continue their lives with dignity.

You can read the entire position of “Caritas Bulgaria” on the occasion of the International Day for Eradication of Poverty here.