What is home?

“Caritas Bulgaria” is launching the campaign “What is home?”, which is aimed at turning the attention of society to the causes of migration, the deep meaning of the place that we call home and the right of every person to feel at home no matter where he or she is.

The topic of migration occupies us every day – in the media, in talks with family and friends and at school. It is difficult to orient ourselves in it: Why do people migrate? How do they create a new home at another place? And why is that something that we should be interested in?

Maybe it’s because migration is an integral part of human history and is a right of everybody. Every reason for migration is a good reason – no matter whether it is arising from personal motives, a political or economic situation.

The aim of the campaign “What is home?” is to seek for the meaning of the concept “home” for every one of us – a place, a feeling, a smile, a moment from the past. Because every person, no matter where he or she is, deserves to feel at home.

Share the cause with #whatishome.

What is home?” is a part of the 3-year Initiative “Migration, Interconnectedness, Development” (MIND), which is funded by the European Commission.