143 elderly and homeless people enjoyed the food products donated by Viomoda

143 elderly and homeless people enjoyed the food products donated by Viomoda. The people who received the donations live in the towns of Rouse, Bourgas, Malchika, Rakovski and Plovdiv – all places where Caritas supports people in need with the services Home Care for Elderly People, Mobile and Stationary Care for Homeless and Shelter for Homeless People.

The food products were delivered by Viomoda on 20 December 2019. Caritas associates prepared food packages and delivered them to the homes of 23 elderly, poor, ill and solitary people from Malchika, Rakovski and Plovdiv.

One of them is Mariana, an 82-year-old lady who lives in Rakovski. She lives alone; she is ill and spends most of her time in bed. Access to her house is very difficult. A narrow corridor is the only way to get to her property, which causes further great difficulties in going out and meeting other people. Mariana lives in extreme poverty. The nurses from the Home Care Center of Caritas in Rakovski visit the elderly lady every day. They take care of her medical condition and social needs as well as bring her cooked meals, provided under the “Hot Lunch” municipality program. The elderly woman was moved deeply the Viomoda donation.

Part of the food products donated by Viomoda were used for making lunch for 80 homeless people from Rouse, all settled in the “The good Samarian” Caritas shelter. Some of the donation was distributed to 40 homeless people in Bourgas who visit the Caritas Day Care Center for support of homeless people.

The food products donated by Viomoda are for the amount of BGN 800. The donation consisted of cans (musaka, pork with bean, meat balls, sausage with bean, chicken with peas, etc.) as well as bean, lentils, rice, peas, potatoes, tomato sauce, vegetable oil, pate, lyutenitza, sugar, jam, pasta, waffles, Turkish delight, tea.

We are very grateful to Viomoda for the donation but most of all for the gesture which shows that the businesses sensitive to the social problems can be a key factor in the process of change to a society that is more human and focused on the individual person.