Digitalization and Digital Marketing

Within the course “Support to Sustainable Economic Development” was held the first of four planned webinars. The course is designed to support social enterprises in Southeast Europe in the context of the crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus. The course helps participants strengthen their entrepreneurial and social skills in the areas of: digitalisation and digital marketing, fundraising and group funding, identification and penetration of new markets, as well as the participation of various actors and community engagement in jointly designing social impact.

The introductory speech to attendens was given by Ms.Tiziana Campolini, after what Ms. Silvia Pallaver, leader of webinar asked all participants to introduce themselves and activities of their enterprises, which really helped in the continuation of the work, in that way were provided useful tips and tricks that can be specifically used in marketing. Ms.Pallaver, concentrated on the topics of digitalization through the presentation, pointed out users of digitalization mobile phone connections, internet users, and social media users in countries of participants. Other topics of this webinar were: SEO, Google adds, E-mail marketing, Facebook ads. Linkedin Personal and Company profile, which were accompanied by various tricks and details, and open space for questions from participants. Ms.Pallaver, singled out importance of story and content in marketing: “ Social networking is about stories. People want to be amazed by story. We all choose things with story.” It is important to have in mind fictional caracter – potentional user of services it will help in creating the best content.

Webinar was attended by representatives of nine countries, representatives of social enterprises, which were supported by grant of the COVID 19 within the project “ELBA”, as well as representatives from the project “Employ yourself” . It was held online, via the zoom platform and lasted 2 hours. Webinar was supported with help of Daniele Bombardi, Caritas Italiana and ELBA and Daniele Vico, course coordinator on behalf of Snodi Education.