Charity Week: 110 people in need obtained support from „Caritas“ associates

For the second year in a row, „Caritas“ associates from all over Bulgaria took part in the Charity Week and supported socially vulnerable families, ill aged people and children. The initiative was organized by the „St. Anna“ parish, with the assistance of „Caritas Malchika“, and it took place during the period 19-27 July 2017.

During the Charity Week, more than 40 volunteers and “Caritas” employees from Sofia, Plovdiv, Malko Tarnovo, Rousse, Belene and Oresh gathered at Malchika. All of them got enthusiastically involved in the scheduled activities.

They visited at their homes socially vulnerable families and lonely aged people to whom they delivered food packages, but before all – they talked with them, listened to them and inspired some hope in them. They transported and accompanied hardly moving ill people to the charity lunch organized specially for them. A total of 110 people and families in need obtained support from „Caritas“ associates.

„Caritas“ associates also took part in the preparation of souvenirs, which were exposed at a charity bazaar in support of the parish activities under the “Laundry” Project aimed to support vulnerable people. The children from the „Tsvetnitsa“ centre also paid their tribute to „Caritas Malko Tarnovo“, sending to the bazaar souvenirs manually made up by them and donating the sum obtained from their initiatives to the social laundry at Malchika.

One day of the Charity Week was dedicated to the volunteers. The Executive Director of „Caritas Rousse“ – Mr. Stefan Markov, delivered a lecture on the topic „Voluntarism and Charity”. During the discussion that followed, the volunteers of all „Caritas“ organizations in Bulgaria talked about their work and shared their experience.

The Charity Week culminated in the parish holiday dedicated to Saint Anna. It was marked by a solemn liturgy which was served by the Bishop of the Nikopol Eparchy and President of „Caritas Bulgaria“ – Bishop Petko Hristov, the parish priest – Father Remo Gambakorta, and eparchy priests.

Charity Week: photos

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