Caritas School: a basic training in the town of Rakovski

Within the framework of the Caritas School, on December 19 in the town of Rakovski was held a basic training for 12 new assistants of Caritas Vitania and Caritas Bulgaria.

During the training, Father Rumen Stanev – Chairman of the Management Board of Caritas Vitania, and Mr. Emanuel Patashev – Secretary General of Caritas Bulgaria, introduced the participants to the basic topics related to the mission of Caritas as a charity organization of the Catholic church.

During the training the participants familiarized themselves with such basic topics as: “The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church”, “Values, Mission and Principles of Caritas, “The Structure of Caritas”, “The Social and Pedagogical Role of Caritas”, “Minimal Standards”, “Current Activities at the Local, Regional, National and International Levels”.

Caritas School is a specific training center aimed at raising the professional capacity and motivation of employees of Caritas.