Beiersdorf Bulgaria donate 20 000 levs in support of elderly and homeless people

Beirsdorf Bulgaria have donated 20 000 levs to Caritas. The money will allow the organization to continue helping some of the most vulnerable groups in the current pandemic situation – the elderly and the homeless.

Caritas’s nurses, social workers and volunteers help elderly and homeless people with food and professional health and social care. Caritas’s care givers also provide the people in need with emotional support because often the fear of being alone, feeble and forgotten, especially in a crisis situation, is more devastating than the physical pain.

We are grateful to Beirsdorf Bulgaria for standing by our side in this difficult situation of pandemic! Thank you for showing concern and thought for the people in need. Your support proves that when we join our efforts and act together, we can relieve suffering more easily and help some of the most vulnerable people today smile again.