419 vulnerable people pleased with Oriflame Bulgaria donations

Oriflame Bulgaria donated its branded products to the people in need for which Caritas’ assistants in Bulgaria are taking care of everyday life. The products amount to BGN 8300, among them backpacks, children’s bags, sunglasses, electric jugs, cups, sheets, pillowcases, blankets.

The donation reached a total of 419 vulnerable people from Sofia, Plovdiv, Kuklen, Rakovski, Zhitnitsa, Kaloyanovo and Ruse. Among these people there are: elderly and sick people (88 people), homeless people (88 people), children and young people at risk (127 people), children and young people with disabilities (57 people), refugees and asylum seekers (55 people), single mothers (4 people).

For all of them, Caritas collaborators at various places carry out specific care and social services, including home care to the elderly, shelter for homeless people, day care centers and social rehabilitation and integration centers for children and youth, public support centers, as well as specific charity initiatives related to the provision of food products, etc.s, meeting the needs of vulnerable people, items.

We are grateful to Oriflame Bulgaria for the donation and gesture of empathy, which shows that business-sensitive business can bring hope to the lives of a person in need.