2017 Caritas Bulgaria launched a 5 languages website for refugees

The integrated website on refugees as part of the Caritas Bulgaria main website was launched on 5 languages: http://www.welcome.caritas.bg.

This website contains presentations on the main activities of Caritas in support of refugees, position papers and statements of Caritas Bulgaria related to the integration processes and other topics related to the refugee crisis. The site contains also practical information pertaining to the human rights of migrants and refugees, people seeking asylum such as the right to access to education, healthcare, employment.

The information is practical in terms of pointing ways to access the employment market, the healthcare system, and the education system in Bulgaria and contains information of what types of documents have to be submitted to be able to access these systems in the country.

The site refers to the various documents that are needed to obtain status, what are the different types of status that can be obtained, and what are the relevant institutions that are responsible for decision-making. News and upcoming initiatives from the Caritas Bulgaria network are also announced there. The site contains publications and learning materials, prepared by Caritas to support refugees in learning the local language. The site is currently available in Bulgarian, English, Arabic, Farsi, and Dari.