Caritas advocates for fair social policies

As an organization that provides social services we directly meet poor and vulnerable people and know well their problems, needs and necessities. Based on this practical experience we carry out planning and advocacy actions before the government and the responsible authorities in Bulgaria.

Our activities are focused on working out and applying efficient long-term social policies, which have to lead to a sustainable improvement of the quality of life of poor and vulnerable people by guaranteeing their rights and access to social, health and educational care and services.

In our activities we lay emphasis on advocating for the necessity of introducing and regulation of complex medical and social care in the home environment which is needed by the elderly (65 + years of age), by people with physical and mental problems and in general by people in a difficult social situation and suffering from serious and chronic diseases. We also work on the acceptance of the necessity these services to be provided in a natural home environment because in this way the hospitalization and institutionalization is prevented.

We also actively participate in working out and applying measures for integration of people who seek and have received international protection in our country.

Through Caritas Europe we take part in a number of networks and platforms of social organizations at the European level.