Homeless People

  • The homeless people that Caritas’ staff helped in 2018 were 1100 people.
  • During 2018 Caritas’ staff supported each month 488 homeless people, in some cases the support was daily, in others – weekly.

Caritas helps homeless people with the following activities and services:

For homeless people there are a Caritas Sofia Mobile Support Center in the town of Sofia, a Caritas Sofia Mobile and Stationary Care Center in the town of Burgas, a Caritas Ruse shelter “The Good Samaritan” in the town of Ruse and a Caritas Ruse Center for social rehabilitation and integration also in Ruse.

These services provide homeless people with food, clothing, social counseling, psychological and health assistance and other comprehensive professional care and services as well as there is a housing program implementing by the Caritas Mobile and Stationary Care Center in Burgas.