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About the cause

About the cause

Disadvantaged women are at a disadvantaged position with respect to other people, in social and economic aspect. This group comprises single and many-child mothers, mothers of ill children, women who have become victims of violence, women with psychical and physical disabilities, women living in poverty.

There is no official statistics about the percentage of women in Bulgaria who may be qualified as disadvantaged, but surely each one of you knows at least several of them. Because they are many.

The woman is the person who gives life and usually, she is the one who takes the greater part of the care about children and their upbringing. Once having become disadvantaged, women become inferior – for themselves, for their children and for society as a whole.

No woman is „secured“ from falling in such situation and from needing moral and professional support.

Become part of our cause. Let us jointly help these women stand up back on their legs, restore their self-esteem and lead a full-blood life.