Activities Refugees

For persons granted refugee or humanitarian status, a refugee and migrant integration center “Sveta Anna” is operating with Caritas Sofia to provide social counseling, psychological support, Bulgarian language courses, address registration, personal physician registration, home and employment assistance, art activities, mentoring program and other activities supporting the integration process in the Bulgarian society.

For asylum seekers accommodated at the reception centers with the State Agency for Refugees, Caritas Sofia has implemented: “Refugees” project, through which volunteers participate in activities for training and education of children, young people and elderly people; Activities with children, lessons in Bulgarian and English, cooking courses, applied arts, music, theater and other kinds of activities are organized; “Play and Learn” project, through which Caritas employees organize play and entertainment activities for children and youth, Bulgarian language lessons, science, arts, sports, as well as preparatory courses in Bulgarian for children of school age.

For people staying in the Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Aliens in Busmantsi, Caritas Sofia organizes informal learning activities and art activities.

For migrants detained in the border areas by the Ministry of the Interior structures, Caritas Bulgaria is carrying out activities for monitoring and exploring their needs, providing emergency humanitarian assistance as well as integration activities aimed at those migrants willing to remain on the territory of Bulgaria.

In 2016:

  • The Center for Integration in Sofia supported 287 people seeking and receiving international protection.
  • Through the Caritas mentoring program, 90 people who have been granted refugee or humanitarian status and residing in Sofia have found friends and communicating with them has helped them better understand the language, culture, customs and traditions in Bulgaria.
  • 1200 children, youth and adult refugees accommodated at the reception centers of the State Agency for Refugees in Sofia participated in the training and entertaining activities realized within the “Refugees” project in Sofia.
  • 3814 refugees and asylum seekers accommodated in the special homes for temporary accommodation of refugees at the Ministry of Interior, at the SAR reception centers and detained at the border crossing in Malko Tarnovo received humanitarian aid from Caritas in the form of food, water, medication, clothing, shoeware, hygiene materials, blankets and other essential necessities.