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Activities Refugees

  • In 2020 Caritas’ staff helped to 895 refugees and migrants.
  • Monthly support was given to 88 refugees and migrants, as in some cases the support was daily, in others – weekly.

Caritas helps refugees and migrants with the following activities and services:

For persons granted refugee or humanitarian status there is a Caritas Sofia Center for Integration of Refugees and Migrants “St. Anna” in the town of Sofia that provides social counseling, psychological support, Bulgarian language courses, support for address and personal physician registration, employment assistance, art activities, mentoring program and other activities supporting the integration process in the Bulgarian society.

For asylum seekers accommodated at the reception centers of the State Agency for Refugees, Caritas Sofia organizes play and entertainment activities for children and youth, Bulgarian language lessons, science, arts, sports, as well as preparatory courses in Bulgarian for children of school age.

For people staying in the Special Homes for Temporary Accommodation of Aliens in Busmantsi and in Lyubimets, Caritas Sofia organizes informal learning activities and art activities.