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Activities Refugees

In 2023 Caritas’ associates supported 14 004 refugees from Ukraine and from other countries of origin.

“Caritas” supports refugees in the following activities and services:

People fleeing the war in Ukraine receive complex support in Caritas’ centers foe refuge support in Ruse, Plovdiv. Burgas, Varna and Sofia. Said support includes accommodation assistance, provision of humanitarian aid, Bulgarian language classes, informal classes with children, specialized healthcare consultations, accessing employment, enrolling children in kindergarten or school and other ways of support promoting their integration in Bulgaria.

For people with a  refugee or humanitarian status and asylum seekers, including refugees from Ukraine in the cities of Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Ruse and Plovdiv, the Caritas centers are working for refuge support by providing and conducting activities for promoting sustainable livelihood and socio-economic integration of refugees in Bulgaria. The support consists of assistance in accessing employment,  conducting information and career consultations, technical and vocational education and training, Bulgarian language classes for working/ job seekers, preparation of individual career plans, mentorship and assistance, entrepreneurship program and assistance in starting own business.

For people with a refugee or humanitarian status, the center “St. Anna” in Sofia, part of “Caritas Sofia” provides social consultations, psychological support, Bulgarian language classes, and assistance in finding employment, art classes, mentorship program and other activities supporting the process of integration among Bulgarian society.

For people seeking protection accommodated in the reception centers from the state agency for refugees, “Caritas Sofia” conducts entertainment and play activities for children, adolescents and women, Bulgarian language classes, science, art and sport classes, along with preparatory courses in Bulgarian for school-age children.

For people residing in the Special centers for temporary accommodation of foreigners in Busmantsi and Lubimets, “Caritas Sofia” conducts informal educational activities and art activities.