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About the cause of refugees

About the cause

About the cause

The world is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history. The difficult situation in Syria and the region caused a refugee wave of people leaving their native places in an attempt to save themselves from the atrocities of the war. Thousands of orphans, widows, elderly people and young families take a risky trip to the Old Continent to seek shelter. Their only hope is to find a full life for themselves and their families.

Caritas is making efforts for those affected by the war, who have left homeless and homeless, to feel the peace and security they need to keep dignified life.

A lending hand, a kind word, just a look filled with empathy and respect are needed to bring back the smiles on the faces of the hundreds of refugees seeking protection in Bulgaria. Lessons of human love that we can learn with them will lay the foundations for a better world where love and peace will replace cruelty and violence.

What is it like to experience the detachment from your beloved ones, from friends, from everything close and familiar, what is it like to see your home crashed to ruins? People seeking protection tell about their experience with their eyes exuding an ocean of pain. To make these eyes speak is like to understand them and when we feel their message – we are already helping.

Caritas advocates for the most vulnerable at these difficult times. Everyone needs love, support and understanding, needs a chance. Respect for human rights, protection of the right to a dignified life, the belief that we are the same in diversity, regardless of racial, national, ethnic and religious affiliation, are the underlying principles of Caritas, while supporting those seeking and receiving international protection.

Let’s open our hearts to the refugees and give a lending hand at a time when the most important thing is to prove that love for a neighbor is wiser than hatred and war. To give calm old ages to the elderly and the ill, a dignified life to young families, the will to live and future to the most innocent victims of this terrible war – the children.