For homeless people in Burgas, Mobile Care for Homeless People is implemented at Caritas Sofia, which provides food, clothing, rescue medication, free social counseling, assistance for issuing documents, assistance for temporary accommodation in a shelter, contacts with social and health institutions, and free of charge research into sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis. The Good Samaritan shelter at Caritas Ruse operates in Ruse, which provides shelter, food, clothing, toiletries (bathing, laundry), as well as counseling and assistance for finding employment, legal and psychological assistance.

For people left homeless and living in risk in Ruse, Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration is operating at Caritas Ruse, providing comprehensive professional care and services and specialized activities by interests.

In 2016:

  • The mobile care for homeless people in Burgas, the homeless shelter “The Good Samaritan” in Ruse and the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration in Ruse provided social and health care to 417 homeless people.
  • The homeless people who were accommodated at the “Good Samaritan” shelter received a donation in the form of clothing, blankets, etc., according to their needs, objects and belongings. The donation is from citizens of Slovenia. It was carried out with the assistance of Caritas Slovenia and Caritas Bulgaria.