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About the cause

About the cause

Homeless people are in the focus of Caritas attention as one of the most deprived people we should support in order to preserve or recover their human dignity.

As a Catholic Church organization, Caritas helps homeless people, “the most deprived among the poor” who are on the verge of being marginalized or already socially excluded and need support for food, clothing, to be heard and comforted.

The number of homeless people in Bulgaria is growing. The reasons and circumstances that lead homeless people are different.

In the large group of homeless people, there are some in extremely vulnerable situations – sick, with permanent disabilities, mental disorders or intellectual disabilities, dependent on psychoactive substances and alcohol who have been subjected to punishment, victims of abuse and fraud, the elderly (over the age of 65+ years) in severely deteriorated health. Most of them are without any income, permanently dropped out of the labor market or who have never worked, do not receive social benefits, have no health insurance and do not have personal documents. Homeless people need complex support.

Through its work, at every level within the organization, Caritas appeals for a good understanding of the causes and risks that lead to homelessness and advocate the development of appropriate support that adequately suits homeless people’s needs.

Be part of our cause. Let’s help homeless people live a dignified life.