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Caritas Home Care Service

Caritas delivers Home Care service, which provides integrated – health and social – care for over 360 elderly people in a place where the elderly feels the most comfortable – at home.

Since 2002, 8 Caritas Home Care Centres have been set up in the cities of Ruse, Sofia, Belene, Plovdiv, Rakovski, Malko Tarnovo and the villages of Zhitnitsa (Plovdiv District) and Bardarski geran (Vratsa District), while the Caritas mobile teams provide complex medical and social care and in 5 other settlements located near the mentioned towns and villages: near Malko Tarnovo – the villages of Stoilovo, Zvezdets, Gramatikovo; near Zhitnitsa – the villages of Duvanlii and Kaloyanovo.

Information about Caritas Home Care

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