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  • In 2023 Caritas’ staff helped to 618 elderly people.

Caritas helps elderly people with the following activities and services:

For elderly people (65+) there are Caritas Ruse, Caritas Sofia and Caritas Vitania Home Care Centers in the towns of Sofia, Ruse, Belene, Plovdiv, Rakovski, Malko Tarnovo and in the villages of Zhitnitsa (Plovdiv district) and Bardarski geran (Vratsa district). They provide, through mobile teams of nurses and social assistants, comprehensive health and social services at the homes of the needy elderly people. The Caritas mobile teams provide comprehensive medical and social care in 5 more settlements located near the indicated towns and villages. 

In the town of Ruse Caritas Ruse implements “Kitchen on Wheels” service by which elderly people receive cooked food at their homes.

In the village of Pokrovan operates a Caritas Sofia Day Care Center “St. Basil the Great which provides social counseling services, activities by interest and food.