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  • In 2023 Caritas’ staff helped to 432 children and young people at risk and 229 children, youth and adults with disabilities.

Caritas helps children and youth with disabilities and at risk with the following activities and services:

For children, youth and adults with disabilities there are Day Care Centers and Centers for Social Rehabilitation and Integration “Blagoveshtenie” in Sofia, “Milosardie” in Ruse, “St. Francis” in Vesselinovo (Tundja Municipality) and St. Vincent in Belene of Caritas Sofia and Caritas Ruse which provide complex professional care and services – kinesitherapy, psychotherapy, art and labor therapy and other specialized activities corresponding to the health, education and rehabilitation needs of children and young people.

For children and families at risk there are Caritas Ruse and Caritas Sofia Community Support Centers and Centers for Consultation, Training and Support: St. Cyril and Methodius” in the town of Kuklen, “Tom Sawyer” in Ruse, “St.Marta” in Belene and “Tsvetnitsa” in Malko Tarnovo, Ready for school in Sofia which provide social, psychological and educational activities.

In the village of Banya (municipality of Nova Zagora), Caritas Sofia implements the program “Access to educational resources” through which implements activities for social and educational integration of children from ethnic minorities.

Sunday adventures: In the village of Belozem and in the town of Rakovski, Caritas Vitania organizes activities for children aged 6 to 11. Every Sunday, under the guidance of a pedagogue, sometimes with the help of young volunteers, for the children are organized varied  interesting and useful activities, games, educational films and etc. By providing extra-curricular activities for children, Caritas Vitania’s collaborators aim to make sense of their leisure time, support their social inclusion, and reduce the risk of dropping out of school.