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About the cause

About the cause

During their earliest age, children undergo a period of intensive development and, as a result of this, form their personality, accumulate knowledge about the world and experience, and during their communication with other children, build up their character and socialize. The childhood development phase is absolutely decisive for human formation. Every child passes through this stage regardless of where he/she was born, in what circumstances, whether he/she is ill or healthy, whether he/she lives in a family or outside the family. The path passed by the child since his/her birth determines his/her whole life.

In this early stage of his/her development, the child depends entirely on the family and the environment in which he/she lives. When the child becomes isolated from society because of illness or poverty, cultural specifics or prejudice, his/her development is embarrassed and this places a mark on his/her entire existence.

Because the child inevitably grows up and becomes an adult. Whether he/she will be invisible, closed inside the apartment of his/her parents who take care of him/her, or marginalized youth from the ghetto who is unable to find his/her place at school or at work, the lack of a favourable start in life is manifested in the same way – by exclusion from public life of people who could contribute to it.

Each child has his/her destiny, his/her unique history. It might have a sad or a happy outcome. Which path this history will take depends on all of us.

The mission of „Caritas“ is to lend a hand to the families which are faced with difficulties and to support children by giving them a chance to develop their potential in the manner, most favourable for them.

With respect to children and youths with disabilities, care for their rehabilitation and integration is paid – they exercise, work and create. And, which is most important – they go in public, in the world of the people who have not noticed their existence until yesterday.

The same objective – socialization, underlies the work of „Caritas“ associates with children at risk for whom the immediate threat is to drop out of the education system and sink into the whirlpool of poverty which turns into family encumbrance. The preparation of children from groups at risk is an investment in the future – not only theirs, but of the whole society.

Become part of our cause and donate a chance of real childhood and development. Because children are children now, they have no other childhood and everything that happens to them now is irreversible.