What is home?

“What is home?” is a 3-year campaign of “Caritas Bulgaria” and 11 other Caritas organizations from Europe, that focuses on the interaction between migration and development, the reasons that cause migration and the deep meaning of the place that we call home.

This year, the campaign’s focus is on the contribution of migrants for the development of the countries, where they come from and where they settled to live and work. The main goal is to help achieving greater acceptance and tolerance for migrants in Bulgaria and Europe and to show their positive influence on the local culture and everyday life.

As during the last year, in 2020 the campaign will share the stories of known and unknown people who settled or come back in Bulgaria, discovering its opportunities for life, work and development. Issues like the void that migrants would leave behind in our society and personal lives will also be addressed.

Because primordial right of every person is to develop his/her potential and contribute to the development of the society in which he/she finds a home, regardless the origin or the country, where he/she comes from.

In Bulgaria the campaign will take place between 1st July and 31st August on the website and social channels of Caritas Bulgaria on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“What is home?” is a part of the “Migration, Interconnectedness, Development” (MIND) initiative, financed by the European Union.