Share the Journey

Would you like to make a positive change to your community and strengthen the bonds of the human family? If you do, then we invite you to join Caritas’ Share the Journey campaign.

Share the Journey aims to bring migrants and refugees closer together with communities by creating more spaces and opportunities for them to come together and share stories and experiences.

Pope Francis will launch the campaign in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome on 27th September 2017 by inviting communities around the world to reach out to migrants and refugees. If you would like to support the Pope’s call, you can arrange an event in your community in which you listen to the stories of people with a migration-related story.

Pope Francis has often invited us to combat the ‘culture of indifference’ with the ‘culture of encounter’. This will be our first opportunity to ensure that our communities are places where the culture of encounter thrives and where migrants’ and refugees’ full dignity is recognised.

Here’s how you and your community can participate in our global launch at the end of September