There are many elderly people in Bulgaria who experience their old age quietly, forgotten in their homes. The old people in Bulgaria do not have much choice, poverty and loneliness being among the traps they often fall in. If we add the absence of close people and relatives around to support them, the picture turns from sorrowful to tragic.

However, there is an alternative for the elderly people. For them, Caritas implements the Home Care service, thanks to which the elderly receive professional (health and social) care, attention and understanding at their homes, and thus the certainty that they can live their old age with dignity.

The professional, long-term support of the nurses and home assistants from the mobile teams at the Caritas Home Care Centers brings peace of mind to the elderly that there is somebody to step across the threshold of their homes, to hear their stories, to take care of their health, to share their worries.

The professional Home Care services, provided by a person who has become a friend and who brings a peace of mind, comfort and confidence is also the strongest motivator of the desire for life and the way to living with dignity in the old age.

Apart from providing professional care, Caritas nurses and home assistants treat elderly people with understanding and attention. By their warm attitude and smile, they remove pain, dissolve loneliness and attach meaning to the monotonous and not easy days of their old age. Often, they are the only people with whom old people have contact. And that is why the Caritas associates also play the role of their close people – people who will hold their hand, who will tell them something and will listen to their words.

Be a part of our cause. Let’s join together to help the elderly live with dignity in their old age. Because WE ARE HUMANS and because the right to live with dignity is an undeniable right of every human being.

In order to provide long-term complex (health and social) home care to one elderly person per one month, BGN 90 are needed. Here are included: transport expenses that are needed by the teams at the Caritas Home Care Centers to reach the homes of the elderly people (a total of 11 cars at 8 of the Centers), administrative expenses of 8 of the Caritas Home Care Centers; salaries for the nurses and the home assistants at 8 of the Centers (a total of 21 people, of which 12 nurses and 9 home assistants).

You can express your support by:

Send SMS

  • With text DMS CARITAS at 17777 at the cost of BGN 1 for all mobile operators.

  • Become a regular monthly donor by donating BGN 2, via SMS with text DMS CARITAS at 17 777 (for all mobile operators).

  • След като, като постоянен месечен дарител, сте дарявали три месеца по 2 лева, ще получите отново автоматичен SMS, който ще ви попита дали бихте искали да увеличите сумата, като дарявате всеки месец по 5 лв. Отговорете на тнози SMS от номер 17777 с „Да“. С това ставате постоянен месечен дарител с дарение от 5 лв.

Дарение чрез банков превод

  • Fibank
    Account holder: Caritas Bulgaria
    IBAN: BG66 FINV 9150 10 EUR0 NF HT

  • Fibank
    Account holder: Caritas Bulgaria
    IBAN: BG37 FINV 9150 12BG N08K MX

  • Raiffeisenbank Homepage
    Account holder: Caritas Bulgaria
    IBAN: BG71 RZBB 9155 1060 1693 15

Donation by SMS

  • Send SMS with text DMS CARITAS at 17777 at the cost of BGN 1 for all mobile operators.
  • After sending SMS with text DMS CARITAS to 17777 at the cost of BGN 1 for all mobile operators, you will receive a new SMS in one month. This is an automatic reminder with a suggestion to continue donating BGN 2. Answer the SMS number 17777 with “”Yes””.
    With this you become a regular monthly donor with BGN 2 donation.

  • After you have donated BGN 2 for three months, you will receive an automatic SMS again asking if you would like to increase the amount by donating BGN 5 a month. Answer the SMS number 17777 with “”Yes””.
    With this you become a regular monthly donor with BGN 5 donation.

Donation by Bank Transfer

Thank you for helping the elderly in their desire to live dignified old age!