Support an elderly person

In Bulgaria, there are many elderly people who, forgotten in their own home, quietly live their old age. Being active until yesterday, now they are quiet and sick, live on their modest subsistence. Poverty and loneliness are some of the traps they often fall into. Adding diseases common for their age, as well as the absence of relatives and beloved to support them, the picture transforms from unfortunate to tragic.

However, there is an alternative for the elderly. Caritas provides them with Home Care service, thanks to which the elderly receive professional (health and social) care, attention and understanding in their homes, and thus the certainty they can live a dignified life.

Thanks to Caritas’ Home Care Services:

  • The elderly experiences his/her old age in his/her own home.
  • The elderly receive care and support from specialists.
  • Preventing admission of the elderly to hospitals and specialised institutions such as nursing homes.
  • The elderly enjoys care, attention and understanding, plus calmness, comfort and security they need most in their everyday life.
  • The elderly lives a dignified life.

Join our cause! Let’s help the elderly live their lives with dignity.

To provide long-term integrated (health and social) home care for an elderly person per month costs BGN 90 are needed. It includes: transport costs for Caritas Home Care teams to reach the elderly (a total of 11 cars in 8 of the centres), administrative costs for 8 of the Caritas Home Care Centres; nurses’ and social assistants’ wages in 8 of the centres – a total of 21 people, including 12 nurses and 9 domestic helpers.

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Thank you for helping the elderly in their desire to live dignified old age!